2018-2019 Tacoma Weavers Guild Programs

Calendar & General Meetings

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September 12, 2018: TWG "Sheep to Shawl" at Puyallup Fair.

September 14, 2018: Members' stories from the ANWG Conference.
Program: Ilisha Helfman - Jazzknitting

September 15, 2018: Workshop: Ilisha Helfman: Jazzknitting, 9:30am - 2:30pm, St. Andrews Episcopal Church

September 21, 2018: TWG 4x4 at Puyallup Fair

October 12, 2018: Program: Jen Giuntoli of Yarnitude, LLC - A Fashion Knitwear Designer from Tacoma with 8423 Facebook followers and 1269 Instagram followers. Come discover Jen and Yarnitude.

November 9, 2018: Program: Loom Rehabilitation, Repair, and Maintenance with Liz Moncrief.

December 14, 2018: Holiday Potluck Lunch; Sale; "Sheep To Shawl" Raffle; and Gift Exchange

January 11, 2019: Dog Daze Stash Sale
Program: Georgean Curran of Arachne Guild: Spinning Art Yarn

February 8, 2019: Program: Flora Carlile-Kovacs - NunoFelting

February 8, 2019: Workshop: after the meeting; Beginning NunoFelting with Flora Carlile-Kovacs

February 9, 2019: Workshop: Advanced Nunofelting with Flora
All Day; St. Andrews Episcopal Church

February 14-17: Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat - 20th and Last Madrona

March 8: Program Andrea Hungerford, Author and Creative Director: By Hand: Making Communities Fiber Communities Around the Country

March 7-10: RAGS 25th Annual Wearable Art Sale

April 12: Program: David Paly, International Textile collector and expert: Ikat


May 10: Program: Lydia Christiansen: Abundant Earth Fiber. Abuntant Earth Fiber, a cottage mill on Whidbey Island crafting small batches of yarn from Pacific Northwest breeds and domestic, non-superwash Merino. AEF products are thoughtfully sourced, scoured, carded and spun by us with devotion to our shared stewardship of land and wool.

Join us!  Learn to weave!