2021-2022 Tacoma Weavers Guild Programs

Calendar & General Meetings

All are welcome! If you plan on joining us, please contact Linda Stryker <lstryker@gmail.com> or call (206) 431-9213 so she can hav both the Zoom Meeting Link sent to your and introduce you as a Guest at the meeting.Note: All meetings, including workshops in 2020 through December 2021 will be virtual, via ZOOM, after which we will offer flexible meeting options: in person, as the State allows, and by Zoom.

Zoom Link opens at 9 am; Business Meeting begins at 9:30; Show & Share begins 10 am; 10:30 Bio Break; 10:45 Program

June 11, 2021: Annual Picnic A "virtual picnic" on Zoom, social gathering and Show & Tell.

2021-2022 Program Schedule (Draft)

Virtual meetings throughout 2021; 2022 format TBD

September 10, 2021: Program: Show & Tell

October 8, 2021: Program: Tien Chiu: The 4 Factors of Design

November 12, 2021: Program: Nancy Olson: Weaving Reindeer

December 10, 2021: Program: Holiday Event & Card Exchange

January 14, 2022: Program: Fine Gelfand: Pandemic Pandemonium

February 11, 2022: Program: Laurie Ferguson: Lace Making

March 11, 2022: Program: Marilyn Romatka: Card Trick, The Magic of Tablet Weaving

April 8, 2022: Program: Janney Simpson: Double Width Double Weave & Deflected Triple Weave

April 9, 2022: Workshop: Janney Simpson: Double Width Weaving

May 13, 2022: Program: Kris Abshire: Esoteric Cloth, a Weaver's Journey

June 10, 2022: Annual Picnic - A Member's Textile Journey

June 11, 2022: Workshop Pam Cox: Dye Workshop

Join us!  Learn to weave!